Revising Culture (battlefield 5)

I call out the hypocrisy in the arguments white men are bringing to the table regarding the recent Battlefield 5 marketing fiasco.


I painstakingly call out the platform of revisionist history in the context of Battlefield 5 and deconstruct the phenomena as it’s expressed through the mainstream zeitgeist.

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Pay to Prey

In this episode I tackle micro transactions again in the form of the widely popular Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.


I take a painstaking look at most of the games systems, how they work, and deconstruct why they’re bad and exploitative.


We must never cease to call out these business practices that only serve to exploit us as consumers and vulnerable populations which include but is not limited to children, and people struggling with addiction.


I also briefly mention the inclusion of micro transactions in the freshly announced Diablo Immortal.

A Menagerie

In this episode I sweep up the pieces of my psyche that I pushed to the far recesses of October in the wake of my Spooktackular, I tackle the shooting in my hometown, the existence of Red Dead, a new Indie i’m crushing on, and voting.

I also stress the importance of confronting the reality of living in a country populated by millions of self proclaimed Nazis and what we need to realize about that.

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Mook’s Top Horror Games

In this palette cleanser of an episode I laboriously break down my favorite horror games. We look at State of Decay, Dead Space, Dead Rising, Bloodborne, Darkest Dungeon, and Left 4 Dead. I give a brief summary of said games, explain the mechanics and break down why they work as not only horror, but as art. In the end I also explain the importance of self care, and that can be as simple as turning off the screens and putting on music and staring at a wall. So sit back, relax, and take care of yourself.

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