Revising Culture (battlefield 5)

I call out the hypocrisy in the arguments white men are bringing to the table regarding the recent Battlefield 5 marketing fiasco.


I painstakingly call out the platform of revisionist history in the context of Battlefield 5 and deconstruct the phenomena as it’s expressed through the mainstream zeitgeist.

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A Menagerie

In this episode I sweep up the pieces of my psyche that I pushed to the far recesses of October in the wake of my Spooktackular, I tackle the shooting in my hometown, the existence of Red Dead, a new Indie i’m crushing on, and voting.

I also stress the importance of confronting the reality of living in a country populated by millions of self proclaimed Nazis and what we need to realize about that.

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Mook’s Top Horror Games

In this palette cleanser of an episode I laboriously break down my favorite horror games. We look at State of Decay, Dead Space, Dead Rising, Bloodborne, Darkest Dungeon, and Left 4 Dead. I give a brief summary of said games, explain the mechanics and break down why they work as not only horror, but as art. In the end I also explain the importance of self care, and that can be as simple as turning off the screens and putting on music and staring at a wall. So sit back, relax, and take care of yourself.

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